psych-kBe who you are and shine!

Welcome on the website of Vrij Voluit Leven 'Living Freely and Fully'. On this photo you see how Marina Riemslagh stands steady with both legs on the floor and opening up to all the good things we can realize.

What is your radiation? Open, creative, connected with full potentiality?
Or on your guard, in defense, reactive, protective? Are other people happy with you or are they bothered by you?
The difference between the first and the second way of life is born from the beliefs we have. In fact, we create what we believe. If we believe that we can do it, it works out and we shine; if we believe that we can't do it, we will fail and be sad or angry. It is not actually what we think (consciously) that determines this outcome, it is our (subconscious) beliefs. They are the result of former experiences. Every experience that resulted in loss of control, left an impeding conviction or stress (response of fighting, fleeing or freezing). Whereas fine experiences continue to give open and confident impulses. Think about some songs that call up an old pain or a happy memory. Immediately we receive the accompanying feeling.

Good news!

I use processes to transform impeding beliefs into supporting ones. Within 10 minutes stress is transformed into a real, peaceful letting go.
Good news: we can change without having to dig up our whole past. Unless we want to, we don't have to know what has happened in order to transform it.
More good news: we can apply this process ourselves. It is fine to do it together, but it is not necessary.
There is even more good news: anyone who wants, can learn it.

It is simple, fast and efficient. It is a process to fix our longing in subconscious automatisms. In this way we 'self-evidently' become open, creative and full of possibilities. So, working with these techniques is a choice of living in order to become our best self and to realize the happiness that every human being deserves.


Work and live openly and healthily, in body, soul and mind!

The techniques with wich I work are distinguished from other techniques by connecting the change of the subconscious mind with what we deeply desire. By making contact with the 'Higher Consciousness' this process guarantees our utmost good. During the procedure we follow, our wish to change is first of all submitted to the Universal Wisdom/the Divine/my CEO. If change is safe and suitable in our way of life, we change the impeding belief or the stress into openness and freedom.

VISION Vrij Voluit Leven (Living Freely and Fully)